About “Unblockable” Robocalls

You may occasionally see an incoming call labeled "Robocaller (Unblockable)". These calls are likely coming from a robocaller who has spoofed a phone number very close to your own, tricking most call blockers and hoping to fool you into thinking it's a friend or family member.


Fortunately, we have good news!  In the latest update to the Nomorobo iOS app, we've added the ability to share your contacts with Nomorobo.   This will allow Nomorobo to block these kinds of robocalls without blocking friends and family with similar looking numbers. 


You can share your contacts directly through the Nomorobo app by going to the "Settings" tab and tapping "Allow Contacts Access"



Once you've shared your contacts, the Nomorobo App automatically whitelists everyone in your address book.  We take our users' privacy very seriously.  Your contacts will never be uploaded to any server, and will only be used by the Nomorobo app on your iPhone.  


If you choose not to allow Nomorobo access to your contacts, no worries at all!  You will still be protected from the vast majority of robocalls.  However, these robocalls with similar numbers to your own will only be identified as "Robocaller (Unblockable)" even if you have the app set to "Block (Send to Voicemail)".  


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