AT&T U-Verse

1.  Login to myAT&T.

2.  Hover over Home Phone at the top of the page, and then select Manage Features.

3.  From the
 Feature Controls section, select Locate Me.
4.  Select the On radio button.

5.  Enter the toll-free Nomorobo Number shown in your control panel. Click Add.

6.  Click Save.

7.  After you've completed those steps, go back to your Nomorobo Account.  

Go to "Your Phones" and click "Test" next to your number. Then click "I'm ready. Call Me Now." 
You will immediately receive a call letting you know if everything is setup correctly. Please pick up the phone after the third ring. 

8.  Your number will now be listed as "Protected".

If you're having trouble, please call AT&T U-Verse customer support at 1-800-288-2020 or email

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    Jeffrey Bean

    Thanks for the info!  I recently switched from Time Warner Cable to AT&T U-Verse and my calls were no longer being blocked.  This helped me to get back to being blocked for robo calls.  Once you don't have the nomorobo service anymore, you quickly realize how great it is and how much blocking was really happening. I was going crazy for the past few weeks wondering why my robo calls weren't being blocked.  I did a little research and WAH-LA...I'm fixed, I think.  We'll see what happens on the next robo call. :)  Thanks again! 

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    Joan Hug

    AT&T has chgd their website. Can't navigate through the new one to get to any of the required locations. HELP

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