Privacy Protection & Ad Blocker

You want more protection? You got it!


Introducing Nomorobo's Privacy Protection & Ad Blocker


Now, FREE with the Nomorobo iOS app!


To Enable: (Settings, Safari, Content Blockers, Enable Nomorobo)


Nomorobo can now protect you while browsing the web. 



Fully Customizable Protection Includes:

Tracking Protection - Stops companies from tracking what sites you visit.

Block Ads - Blocks annoying and intrusive advertisements, making your web browsing safer, faster, and more productive.  

Block Social Widgets - Blocks sharing widgets that slow your phone, waste data and time.  

Whitelist - You can support the websites you love by whitelisting them.  



It's that simple: Privacy Protection & Ad Blocker. Included for no additional charge with your Nomorobo Mobile subscription. 

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