Error 7

If you receive an "Error 7" while trying to update the blacklist, this is related to an iOS CallKit glitch.

Here's what causes this:

1. A silent background push comes in.
2. The Nomorobo app gets activated, downloads a full or partial blacklist, and sends the numbers to CallKit
3. CallKit takes longer than 30s to finish. (30s is the nominal limit for apps to handle a silent push notification in the background)
4. Because the app takes too long to finish, iOS kills it, leaving CallKit in a state such that it thinks the app is currently refreshing CallKit.
5. When the Nomorobo app relaunches and tries to update CallKit, CallKit thinks it's already updating and returns error 7 (already loading)

We have filed the necessary bug reports with Apple regarding CallKit. The state of 'already loading' that CallKit gets itself into is a glitch, and unfortunately one we can't directly fix. Only Apple can.

However, we've just implemented a change that may prevent CallKit from going into this state in the first place.

We're now doing 2 full updates to the blacklist every day instead of just one. Because the robocallers are only getting worse, our blacklist is now over 1 Million numbers. With two full updates, that should minimize the size of the silent background pushes, and prevent iOS from killing the update and thus putting CallKit into the glitched state.


If you still receive an Error 7, go to Settings, Phone, Call Blocking & Identification, and Toggle the Nomorobo Extension Off then On again.  

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